Turku, Alternative Sightseeing

When you travel or especially when you move to a new city, it is extremely important to get acquainted with the local history and culture. That’s why my first weeks in Turku were devoted to sightseeing. I was walking down old areas and actively visiting museums and other places of interest. It was great experience; however, today I will talk about alternative sightseeing, which are also a part of the culture. It took a while to discover them for myself as these attractions are not really advertised, but definitely worth seeing.

1. Graffiti Swan.


I found this piece of art by accident when I got lost. The painting of a gorgeous black  swan is so marvellous! By the way, this graceful bird is a symbol of Finland. You can find the painting not far away from the harbour.

2. Wooden Pencils.


I was jogging alone the riverside, when I discovered them for myself. Made of wood and being so colorful, these pencils match the landscape perfectly. An excellent example of the harmony of nature and human art.

3. Mermaid Tail.


Unlike pencils, which are located aside from the center, the tail can be found easily in the heart of the city. Unfortunately, I do not know the story behind it, but the tail definitely attracts attention, especially in a sunny weather when it reflects in different colors on the sun.

4. Porsankka.

2016-03-15 13.15.41

This statue is a mix of a pig and a duck. I hardly can comment on it, but it catches the eye for sure. 😀

5. Round Building.


This is an accommodation for students, which is situated very close to campus. It is a very new building, and I would not say there is anything special about it.. unless it is not round. The architecture is very extraordinary and creative, and it makes you curious what shape the flats have.



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