Life in Turku

I hardly wrote anything about my life in Turku, maybe now is the time. Turku is a relatively small but cosy city in South-West Finland. The life here is very calm and peaceful in comparison to other cities outside Finland I have been to. Actually, peacefulness and slow pace life are typical for Finnish cities, even though Finnish people do not really agree on that. 🙂 When I moved to Finland from Russia, where life is fast, intensive, and simply hectic, Turku turned out to be so tranquil. People never hurried anywhere, they were relaxed, they were very warm-hearted and sincere, and Finns smiled a lot! I finally had a chance to breathe out and slow down the pace of my life.


These 7 years were a long time, so much happened. There were extreme ups and downs, struggles like a terrible cultural shock and darkness in winter, I also faced unpleasant comments regarding my nationality. But in every country, there are a couple of people who are not that open for other cultures.


During this time, I learned the local culture, and I can speak Finnish (not perfect yet), and the main thing I finally start feeling accepted. Finland became a second home for me. 🙂

Still, there will always be things that I miss:

  • cultural life. I used to attend theater and ballet performances very often, but there are not many possibilities for that in Turku. It is also very costly.
  • spontaneity. I really admire that Finnish people plan their activities, they do things in time and they do not postpone deadlines. Yet,  it would be very nice to have spontaneous environment from time to time.
  •  small talk. It seems that small talk is an ordinary thing everywhere  except probably Finland and Norway. For some reason, talking to strangers here is considered impolite.
  • and of course food. Indeed, Russian cuisine is far from being healthy, but it tastes so good. 🙂

Here were my brief thoughts and feelings,  which came to my mind.

P.S. Soon it will become warmer, and the city will be decorate with amazing narcissi. 🙂



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  1. Turku is such a nice city in summer. I am sorry to hear that you had a hard time getting accepted in Finland at first! Lovely photos – I too am looking forward to Spring 🙂

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