Back to Lapland

Nice to be back to Lapland, this time in winter. My only visit to Lapland was this summer, when it was warm and the sun did not go down at all. Needless to say that you can hardly recognize this place in the cold season, when nights are eternal and there is snow around. Lap2

It was a real luxury to have a white Christmas considering that the temperature in Turku at that moment was around +2 and no snow was expected. Lappish cities were quite the opposite: snow, frost (a couple of days -27), and of course reindeer. 🙂


As for winter kind of sports, I tried to avoid them as long as possible because it was too much in school times… Luckily, winters in Turku were really warm last years. However, this time, being so north and having proper frost and snow around, I went skiing and skating. I definately was not fast, and I fell several times, but a couple of bruises can not destroy the fun I had!

I am absolutely a southern person who can not stand cold and who need a lot of sun. So, it was really great to get out of the comfort zone, be exposed to a tough Nordic life, and back on ice and ski track. Mostly important, I had an awesome company, who kept me warm and was encouraging me in these challenges. 🙂






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