Trondheim, Norway

I was in Oslo Norway in July. I really wanted to visit another place, smaller and located in legendary fjords. At the end of August, I went to a conference in a tiny village close to Trondheim. I had a couple of hours to see the city itself, it was a very beautiful place, rich history, modern architecture, and cosy embankment with wooden houses. However,  closed people, whom was very difficult to have a small talk with… People seemed very distant and self concentrated… or maybe I was just in a wrong place in a wrong time.


Then was time to go to a small Norwegian village,  situated on the shore of the fjord, isolated from city noise, fakeness, and selfishness. It was a perfect place, tet-a-tet with lovely Norwegian nature, where you can hear nothing but the singing of birds, sound of a wave, blow of the wind. It was  the place where you can hear the voices of nature, you can hear yourself, uncovered and honest, the place where you are finally allowed to be  yourself without any role, pretendiness, expectations… This was exactly the Norway I was dreaming to see.


The weather was excellent,  too, +25 and sunny. Some of my brave colleagues went swimming, but I stayed away, being spoiled by the warmth of southern waters. 🙂 the weather was so unexpectedly good that most of us had wrong clothes in case of heavy rain and +13. However, it is always great to have surprises like this 🙂

It was a very shot get way though,  only 4 days, than back to plan which became my main means of transportation for the last 2 months.



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    1. Thank you for the comments! In general, i can say that Trondheim has more sightseeing places than Oslo. You can manage even in 1 max 2 days. I had a nice walk down the river. Thus, i had a chance to see the diversity of the city, from kind of underground to a luxury part of the city. You can try if the weather is good. It was save at least during the day time. 🙂 In the center, you will see older bindings and churches. You can walk around those, with which you are attracted most. I liked for example storting building, not sure if it is possible to get inside though. Then, Akershus fortress, opera house, Viking ship museum. A separate day you can spend on the Hill where there were winter olympics (unfortunately, I dont remember the name). The view is awesome there! 🙂 I am sure, you will find something to your interest. Looking forward to your stories from Norway! 🙂

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