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Malmö, Sweden

My post about Malmö, southern Sweden, will be very short, just like my visit to that place. I happened to be in the city for two hours only. I have some time before meeting a friend in Copenhagen, and I decided to use this time wisely, I went to the place where I have never been before. The train from Copenhagen to Malmö takes about half an hour and runs every 20 minutes, which is super convinient. I have been over 20 times to Sweden, mainly in Stockholm, once in Göteborg, and once in Uppsala, so I am well acquainted with that marvelous country. Nevertheless, the south remained unexplored. The only thing I heard about the south was the special accent they have there. About the city and sightseeing, I can’t say much due to the time limit I had. However, the architecture I observed on the streets was distinguishable, modern style was combined with old buildings. I am happily sharing the pictures with you. 🙂

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