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Another place to which I have never been to was Denmark. All my connections to that country were linked to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, which I was reading in childhood, and an ex-boyfriend, who was a Dane. This August, I decided to participate in the summer school in Denmark because I found the content of the course useful and… because it is a chance finally to get acquainted with the country.

After some time in Portugal, the country of social and warm-hearted people, all Nordic countries seemed so distant and even unfriendly. What a surprise it was, when Denmark turned out to be different! People were into small talk, they were approachable and eager to help if I was lost, and… they always wished me a nice day! Unbelievable how much such a small thing can influence the mood. I really liked it!

Several words should be said about food. After a rich variety of Portuguese dishes, I was rather skeptical in relation to Nordic food. But Danish food was excellent! It was sweet, sour, bitter, fat, spicy. It was full of taste.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time for sightseeing, but I still took a boat trip in small channels of Copenhagen with a couple of colleagues. If you are in a hurry and limited in time, I highly recommend you this way of acquainting the city. You can enjoy most of the sightseeing from the water.

The view of historically rich and emerging modern buildings was accompanied by the sun going down… incredibly beautiful and romantic.

I will be very happy to visit this country once again and to learn more about its great history.

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