Oslo, Norway

For a long time, Norway remained a mysterious country for me. All I knew about it was fjords, trolls, black metal, Vikings, houses with grass roofs, and good standards of living. Every time I came across pictures with fascinating Norwegian landscapes, my dream to visit that country became stronger and stronger. This summer, I finally got a chance to go there and see the beauty of Norway with my own eyes. I spent 3 days in the capital, Oslo. Capitals have their own charm, they are big, powerful, international, wealthy, and of course they offer much to see, to visit, and to do. Oslo is not an exception: fortresses, museums, Viking ships.


Although I have confronted almost all important places of interest, my visit is somehow unfinished. I have not seen the soul of Norway. I refer to that group of people, who believe that the heart and spirit of the country is outside the capital. I did not have an opportunity to get acquainted with that side of the country yet, but I am looking forward to it.



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